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Amalgam - an environmental illness

We poison the air and the water of our earth, we damage plant life, we injure animals and human beings. There are many different poisons from different sources which combine to cause this damage. Your body is to the cells what the earth is to the plants, animals and people who live there. If your body takes in poisonous substances from the air, water, medicine, smoke and amalgam, then the cells and organs will be damaged and not work as they should.

Your body always reacts logically. If it becomes poisoned, it defends itself against the poison. Adult humans have several well - developed systems of defence.
1.  They try to remove the poison: Diarrhoea, vomiting, sweating, phlegm.
2.  They protect themselves against the poison penetration into the body by thickening of the mucous membrane, encapsulation.
3.  They get a temperature, an activated immune defence, autoimmune reactions.
The body may also issue warnings through pain, aches and feelings of discomfort. There are often over - and under - reactions by the body's sensory and regulating organs. This means that you become over - sensitive to light, sound, smell and pain. Your temperature may also vary a lot, and you can suffer from dizziness, heart palpitations and sensitivity to electricity.
The mouth - stomach - intestine canal with its bacterial flora is one of the most poisoned organs. This can lead to diarrhoea, constipation, vitamin deficiency and susceptibility to bruising. Poisoned organs and cells function poorly and can cause clumsiness, numbness, even paralysis. Doctors are seldom able to make a correct diagnosis; instead, the condition is often called fibrositis, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) MS (multiple sclerosis), menopausal disorders, and so on.
The foetus in the womb seems to be without any sort of defence against quicksilver. Thus quicksilver and silver from the mothers amalgam fillings are concentrated in the body of the foetus, so that removal of amalgam during pregnancy and breast feeding should be avoided. Children that suffer from amalgam poisoning often have asthma, various allergies, eczema and stomach problems.
Electrical and magnetic signals control all bodily functions. Amalgam and other metals can form galvanic elements which generate electrical currents in the body. These can disturb the body's functions and give rise to sensitivity to electricity and a metallic taste in the mouth.

Poisons reinforce one another
Various poisons reinforce one another, with the result that your illness can become worse if you are afflicted with several poisons at the same time. The most common cause of not felling well is that you have more than one poison in your body. Below is a short list of some common poisons and where they can come from.


amalgam, vaccine (used as bactericidal preservative), contact lens liquid, fish


drinking water, copper coil (contraceptive), amalgam


iron medicine, drinking water, vitamins


exhaust fumes, welding fumes

nicotine, cadmium

cigarettes, snuff


paint, varnish, newly-painted room


amalgam, water filters


coffee, caffeinated drinks

Quickly taking away all the amalgam in a persons mouth isn't the same thing as quickly making that person healthy again. On the contrary, it can be dangerous and make the person feel even worse.
We will achieve much better results if we do as follows:
1.  Remove all poisons except the amalgam. Stop smoking and using snuff. If you have a copper coil, have it taken away. Drink clean water, allow the water to run for a few minutes first. Eat food that has no additives or preservatives. Avoid unnecessary medicines, but consult your doctor first. Selenium and mineral tablets can be harmful sometimes. Feel how you react. Avoid bad air, smoke, paint, exhaust fumes, etc. If you are over - sensitive to electricity, then you should avoid everything you react to, e.g. computers, fluorescent lighting, and electrical heating.

2.  Strengthen the body's powers of resistance. Eat healthy and natural food: organically grown vegetables and fruits in which you have the vitamins, minerals and fibres you normally need. Make sure that your stomach is working properly; constipation is not a good thing. Avoid meat and fish.
3.  Last have the amalgam removed. When you have removed all other poisons, strengthened your body's power of resistance, and treated all inflammations and other defects in your mouth, then it is easier to have your amalgam fillings removed without your health getting worse. Apart from anything else, this will help you to get well again more quickly and more safely. When the dental surgeon is removing your amalgam fillings, it is important that you have the best possible protection. The dentist can use a rubber dam cloth, Clean Up ® suction apparatus, as well as other suction devises, an anaesthetic mask, and activated carbon; there should also be clean air in the dental surgery. It is best to begin by removing very carefully just one amalgam filling, to see how you react. If you manage this without any difficulty then often several amalgam fillings can be removed on your next visit. Crowns and bridges made of gold can sometime be left in place if you get well just from having your amalgam fillings taken away. Root- filled teeth, which are not infected, seldom pose any problem.

Recovery begins for the most part already during the time of your treatment. Under the amalgam, teeth are often cracked and damaged due to amalgam corrosion expansion. Sometimes these cracks lead to shooting pain, necrosis or other damage of the teeth which can make it more difficult to carry out treatment. When you start feeling better, it sometimes happens that your body begins to expel poisons quite vigorously, and this may mean that you can experience all your old symptoms again for a time. You can also get detoxification symptoms, a metallic taste in the mouth, headaches and diarrhoea, in spite of the fact that all the amalgam and other metals have been removed. The detoxification symptoms are probably due to the fact that your body is still expelling poisons. This is probably a sign that your body has now become so strong that it is able to detoxify itself again.

New symptoms may be caused by you having got some new poison in your body which your body is reacting against. Reflect whether you've been in contact with any of the poisons mentioned on the list of this document. Call your dentist and ask if you're the least uncertain.

Say yes to life
Approximately 90% of patients with amalgam poisoning make a very considerable or complete recovery after having their amalgam fillings removed, but very much depends on you, yourself. In order to get well again, you have to be extremely careful with your body and what you eat and do. Your body works in an absolutely logical way. If you get well again, then you're doing the right thing. If you're not getting better, or even getting worse, you must tell your dentist so that your treatment can be changed. Remember that there is no dentist, doctor, or anyone who can cure you. We can only help you and your body to get the best conditions to heal yourself. You have the main responsibility because you alone know and feel how your body reacts.
Good luck!

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