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Amalgam poisoning? Fibromyalgi? Allergy?
Numbness? Fibromyalgi? Allergies? Chronicle tiredness? Crohn‘s disease? Eczema? Autoimmune diseases? Multiple Sclerosis? Electricity sensitivity? Rheumatic diseases? Bruises? Bad memory? Prolonged fever? Candida? Diarrhea? Sensitivity to light and noise?

These are some of the usual "diagnoses" amalgam poisoned have received. But, in contrary to other chronicle diseases it is possible to recover from amalgam poisoning.

We poison the air and water of our earth, we damage plant life, and we injure animals and human beings. There are many different poisons from different sources, which combine to cause this damage. Your body is to the cells what the earth is to the plants, animals and people who live there. If your body takes in poisonous substances from the air, water, medicine, smoke and amalgam, then the cells and organs will be damaged and not work as they should.

Your body always reacts logically. If it becomes poisoned, it defends itself against the poison. The body may also issue warnings through pain, aches and feelings of discomfort, these are often over- and under-reactions by the body's sensory and regulating organs.

In order to recover, the sources to the damage have to be eliminated and the body's powers of resistance strengthened before amalgam replacement.
Rectification of the problem makes further healthcare unnecessary.

Incorrect amalgam replacement and treatment
can make you even more sick.