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The Malmström high fiber protocol

The Malmström high fiber protocol

Sam Ziff
Michael F. Ziff, D.D.S.
Mats Hanson, Ph.D.
Revised & Expanded
1993 edition.
ISBN 0-941011-05-4

A Health Information Book
To Answer Questions You May Have
On Countering The Effects of
Dental Mercury Exposure.


Page. 47 - 49


Recently we had the pleasure to talking with two practicing dentists from Sweden who also do extensive research. Over the years Dr's. Christer and Ingegerd Malmström have developed very specific protocols for amalgam replacement based on their clinical and patient experiences. The protocol evolved from their study of those patients that show no improvement in their symptomatology after amalgam replacement. They have found that a number of individuals that did not get better had diverticula and also areas of the colon that were coated with hardened of impacted fecal matter that contained trapped particles of amalgam/mercury and other heavy metals. The discovery occurred when one such patient excreted large particles of amalgam/mercury after undergoing a barium enema x-ray study. As a consequence, those individuals that do not improve after amalgam replacement are requested to clean their intestinal tract through use of life style modification, dietary changes insuring adequate high fiber intake and even the use if fiber supplements such as those containing psyllium seed and guar. It was observed that most patient started to show important health improvements within two-three weeks of being on a high fiber diet.

As a result of their experiences with the non-improvement-after-replacement individuals, the Malmströms have developed the following protocol for working with patients that desire to have their amalgam filling replaced with non -mercury containing materials:

Three weeks before initial appointment all patient must go on a high fiber diet consisting primarily of fruits, vegetables and legumes (beans, peas etc.). This means eliminating most meat, fish and fowl from the diet.

In addition, the patient must stop smoking, stop the use of all drugs that are not absolutely necessary, stop birth control pills, remove and IUD devise (to eliminate a constant source of copper) eliminate coffee or caffeine and take no iron supplementation of any kind, including those vitamins that may have iron contained as a part of the enteric coating of the tablet.

Clinical observation of the efficacy of this pre-removal program has been that most people with various pre-existing health conditions show improvement in their health prior to their first appointment for amalgam removal. Again, based on clinical experiences, patients who are constipated are required to have the condition corrected before they can receive dental treatment. This is based on the need for the body to actively excrete toxins after dental treatment involving amalgam/mercury and to help eliminate the possibility of amalgam/mercury particulate being incorporated into diverticula or any impacted colon fecal matter.

At the patient's appointment for amalgam replacement, they are given activated charcoal tablets to take immediately prior to treatment. During actual operative procedures removing amalgam, rinsing and aspirating the work area and mouth every 20 seconds is recommended. Since coming on the market, the Malmströms utilize the Swedish aspiration device called Clean UpTM, which has eliminated the need for a special rinsing and aspirating every 20 seconds. The Malmströms have found that using this protocol, 80% of their patients do not experience any post-operative adverse reactions. Those individuals that experience any type of adverse reaction are requested to come back too the clinic. Based on their clinical history and vitamin/mineral supplementation program they are on, recommendations are made to increase selected nutrients until the reaction ameliorates. Always conservative in their approach, initial appointments are restricted to replacing only one or two small amalgam fillings and observing the patient's reaction. The patient is required to call in if there is any type of adverse reaction and the patient is also called the evening of their fist appointment to determine how the are doing.

Most mercury-free dentists have observed the phenomenon of those few individuals who do not obtain any significant improvement after they have eliminated their mercury implants and the constant source of dental mercury exposure. Traditionally, the emphasis relation to helping these individuals has been to increase nutrients that bind with mercury or counter its toxic effects. Now it appears that these individuals may be suffering from intestinal diverticula filled with fecal matter containing varying amounts or heavy metals that continue releasing their toxins.

The medical profession formerly treated diverticulosis by prescribing a bland, low fiber diet. Since scientific research has demonstrated that high fiber diets tend to cleanse and remove the impacted matter out of the diverticula, high fiber diets are now the recommended medical treatment for diverticulosis. (reference N Merck Manual)
NOTE: Individuals going on high fiber diets must do so slowly, especially anyone who is constipated. For examples, if you are going to use bran cereal, start out with a ½ cup (about 9 gm of dietary fiber) and increase by increments until you have a satisfactory stool frequency an volume. If you are taking a fiber supplement the same philosophy applies, start out with a ½ teaspoon only. Whenever you increase roughage or bulk in your diet, you also must insure that you drink an adequate amount of fluid, six or eights glasses of water as a minimum. The major side effect of a high fiber diet will be increased flatus which tends to diminish as tolerance develops. In other words, don't be surprised if you have a lot of intestinal gas as a result of going on your high fiber diet, and don't let it deter you from staying on the fight fiber diet. Anyone experiencing significant pain or rectal bleeding as result of going on a fight fiber diet should immediately contact their physician. Those individuals who have been experiencing chronic constipation for a number or years should consult with their physician and proceed to a fight fiber diet only under your physicians direction.